Rethmann-Gruppe Expands Business in Belarus

Belynichskiy Protein Plant

The Rethmann German millionaires are trying to expand their business through their Belarusian companies. The relevant information appeared on the Ezhednevnik portal of the financial market. SARIA made a proposal to buy a package of shares of the Belynichskiy Protein Plant in November 2018 through its broker at the Belarusian currency and stock exchange.

SARIA is a subsidiary of the international SARIA-Gruppe, which produces animal feed, food and technical fats, fertilizers, biogas and biofuels from organic waste in 22 countries of the world. In 2005, SARIA entered the Belarusian market, and in 2008 its subsidiary launched a plant in the Berozovsky District. The Germans collect organic raw materials and subsequently recycle them into fodder, fodder flour and technical fats. The company is currently expanding its production in the village of Podosye. The implementation of the project, according to the notification for public discussion, is scheduled for 2018-2019. The new line is intended for the processing of chicken raw materials.

According to the information on the Ezhednevnik portal of the financial market, SARIA is prepared to buy a small package of shares of the JSC Belynichskiy Protein Plant from private shareholders. The enterprise’s controlling package (99.87%) is in communal ownership. Experts do not exclude the possibility that the next step may be for the Germans to buy the state share.

The Belynichskiy Protein Plant was launched in 1983 and produces the same assortment as SARIA near Beroza — meat-bone flour and technical fats. Earlier, it was reported that the owner of the Lithuanian holding Arvi ir K,  Vidmantas Kuchinskas, might participate in the privatization of this enterprise. It is the main competitor to the Germans in the competition for organic waste and its sources in the Belarusian market. In 2014, its company, Biovast, which processes waste in Lithuania and Latvia, created the Biovast-Lida enterprise in cooperation with the Lida state recycling factory. It produces bone flour and technical fat and collects waste from the territory to which it is attached.

SARIA in Beroza is one of the businesses of the large German family business, the Rethmann-Gruppe, in Belarus. The Rethmann family also collects and refines household waste (REMONDIS) and offers logistics services (Rhenus). Since 2009, the REMONDIS company has been working in the Belarusian market, which in the framework of several joint ventures (REMONDIS-Minsk and REMONDIS-Gomel) collects and sorts trash.


  1. Much appreciated this piece. Some years ago we have taken similar steps to produce biofuel in North Kazakhstan, but without much success. Apparently, serious market research should be done before engaging in any project in Kazakhstan.

    • Yes, the text is good. But it would be great to have more details about the deal itself.

      As for the Kazakhstan project. Could you, please, share, what actually went wrong? Were the Rethmanns involved in this project too?

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