Legendary American magazine shot a cool video about Minsk

The Thrasher magazine - skateboarding in Minsk

“I really didn’t like the guards of the opera house and the Palace of the Republic”. Legendary American magazine shot a cool video about Minsk

Recently, a video about Minsk was released on the Thrasher youtube channel. “Eastern civilization with the eyes and tricks of Western skaters is historically cool!” Is probably the most accurate description of a 4-minute video.

What is the Thrasher?

In January 1981, the Thrasher magazine was launched in the United States. They write about music, skateboarding, photos, make reviews of skateparks – for several decades, this project turned, without exaggeration, into a cult magazine for skateboarders of the whole world.

By the way, you also indirectly know about him: Thrasher hoodies are still in the top of some fashionable Minsk dwellers.

What did they do in Minsk?

In the summer of 2018, Thrasher arrived in Belarus. More precisely, the videographer Guillaume Perimony together with a team of skaters came to Belarus to “fight” with the huge marble monuments of the Eastern Bloc. So, at least, they say in the description of the video on the site and YouTube.

The result was a very stylish movie about an empty and monumental Eastern European city, where skaters ride.


What do skaters do on video

They ride around Minsk sights for a little more than four minutes, sometimes running away from the guards of these very places. By the way, most of all the guys didn’t like the guards of the opera house (in the video this is a 2:30 mark). And the guy from the Palace of the Republic was not very happy with the tourists.

Other skaters rolled near BelExpo and the Palace of the Republic. They filmed the streets of Minsk, the military, trams, janitors, girls, and went to the Mound of Glory. Minsk skater Zhenya Rusak also appeared in the video.


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