Fashion photographer from Denmark conquers Minsk roofs

Fashion photographer in Minsk

Jean-Marie, a photographer, video graphics artist, and the art director was born in France, but raised in Germany; now he lives in Denmark. He graduated from France’s National School of Photography in Arles. In Iceland, he did fashion photography and made celebs’ portraits. Now he is working on the visual design projects.

His long-standing interest in typography and photography materialized in the concept of a project that can also be implemented in Belarus. Jean-Marie considers words and letters on the townhouses as a cultural value that deserves special attention. To rethink the space from the perspective of the monumental words in Cyrillic, he is set to take pictures on the roofs in Minsk.

Interestingly, on the way towards their goal, the photographer and his girlfriend Manuele runs through both industrial areas of the city and a café serving croissants. Jean-Marie might be full of inspiration, but he does not want to violate the law. However, trying to get permission for filming on the roof, he has been repeatedly denied. And Yahor, one of the most experienced Belarusian roofers, offers help to the foreigner…



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