Some foreign embassies in Belarus pay only 1 USD for land. Others are not that lucky

Foreign embassies in Belarus

The Chinese and UAE embassies have allocated land for a dollar. This order of numbers surprised some readers, so we decided to find out under what conditions the land is provided to other diplomatic missions. What about Russia, the United States, Ukraine and others? As it turned out, the approaches in many cases are different.


The new Embassy of Kazakhstan is located next to the future Chinese one. A land plot of 0.86 hectares was rented to the diplomatic mission in 2014 for 49 years for an annual price of one dollar.

The Embassy of Turkmenistan is also located in the same prestigious area. This country was granted 0.73 hectares of land in 2015 for 49 years. The fee is the same and is a dollar a year.

The U.S. Embassy is on Starovilenskaya street. The land plot of 0.49 hectares belongs to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus on the basis of the right of permanent use. State registration date – 2002. Conditions and length of rent are not set and not known.

The Russian Embassy is located on Novovilenskaya Street. The land plot of 1.7 hectares was transferred to the diplomatic mission of the Russian Federation for free use for 99 years – from 2005 to 2104 years.

The Iranian Embassy is located on a 0.7 hectare site on the Starovilensky road. The land was leased to the diplomatic mission in 2010 for 49 years. The annual fee is about 3.6 thousand rubles.

The Embassy of Azerbaijan is located in the same area – on the Starovilensky road. A land plot of 0.25 hectares was leased to the diplomatic mission in 2012 for one hundred years with a rent of one dollar a year.

The Polish Embassy is being built between the Iranian and Azerbaijani embassies. A plot of 0.4 hectares was leased to the diplomatic mission for 49 years in 2013. The annual fee is about 15.7 thousand rubles.

The Ukrainian Embassy is located next to the American Embassy on Kommunisticehskaya Street. The plot of 0.46 hectares is leased to the diplomatic mission until 2095. The cost is not specified.

The Venezuelan embassy is located on Kuibyshev Street. A plot of land of 0.13 hectares has been owned by this country since 2009. Apparently, this decision was made on the basis of the Agreement between the states on the exchange of real estate to accommodate embassies.

As we can see, the land can be provided to embassies for long-term rent with a fixed or conditional annual fee, as well as for free use. But there are also other options: for example, the transfer of the land plot into the ownership (as with Venezuela) or leaving it in permanent use at the Belarusian Foreign Ministry (as with the U.S.).

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