Belarus took 40th place out of 100 in the global ranking of English proficiency

English language in Belarus

Belarus has risen by seven positions in the world ranking of English proficiency for the year, ahead of Russia and Ukraine. This is stated in the rating of EF English Proficiency Index for 2020.

Rating EF English Proficiency Index for 2020 was based on data from 2.2 million adults in 100 countries and regions of the world, for which English is not their native language. The list was compiled based on information about the language tests passed by users.

This year Belarus ranks 40th in the rating, being in the group of countries with average English proficiency. During the year our country has risen by seven positions at once – in 2019 we were in 47th place and included in the group of countries with low proficiency in English. Russia was ranked 48th in 2019 and Ukraine was 44th (a year ago it was 49th).

Among our neighbors Poland is leading – 16th place in the ranking, and last year it was on the 11th line. The 24th line is followed by Lithuania, which fell to three positions during the year. But Latvia has improved its results: now it is on 29th place, and in 2019 was on 32nd.

In the world in terms of English proficiency for the second year in a row leading the Netherlands – it should be remembered that the Dutch language, together with English and German is part of the West German language subgroup. Further in the top five Scandinavian countries: Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Norway. The highest in Asia, Singapore is in the 10th place. Of African countries, the best index in South Africa is in 12th place. In South America, the leader is Argentina (25th place).

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