“A lot of curry”. A cafe of Indian cuisine has opened in Gomel

Indian food in Gomel

A cafe of Indian cuisine has been launched in Gomel. So far, only foreign students from India and Sri Lanka can attend it. But soon, Belarusians can also try exotic dishes.

The cafe called Taste of India (Vkus Indii) in a dormitory building on Rechitsa Avenue, where foreign students of the Gomel Medical University live, was opened by a private Indian company.

“800 foreign students study at our university – more than half of them are students from India and Sri Lanka. Since their cuisine is different from the European one, the issue of nutrition for them was acute. In Belarus, they had to cook themselves. Now they may not waste time on this, but simply buy already prepared familiar dishes” , Viktor Melnik, Dean of the Faculty of Foreign Students said .

The student cafe menu has a lot of curry, vegetables, rice, legumes and all kinds of spices.

A chef specially seconded from South India will prepare meals for students.

Indian food cafe in Gomel

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Prices are affordable.

So far only students living in dormitories can visit the cafe. But soon they plan to deliver Indian food to the buffets of the educational buildings of the medical university, so anyone can try it.

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