Climate Contrasts: Ethereal Minsk Versus Torrid Australia

Is climate in Belarus good or bad?

I arrived in Minsk, the land of the smiling sun in September 2020. On that day, the sun greeted me with a golden handshake, thus making a sublime introduction to this charming city. In past travels , I traversed different Western European capitals but never encountered the Eastern block of countries .To my pleasant surprise , Minsk’s initial weather swept away conjured images of my mind of Eastern Europe being a region of cold dreary weather, with day after day of small rain such as that being the case i found in London.

Minsk is very much a European capital with well defined seasons and in actuality has quite a bit more sunshine than my expectations had forecasted. Back in my home city of Perth Western Australia, we have an average of 147 sunny days, and 121 partly sunny days annually, according to the Bureau of Meteorology. One plus the other might equal paradise you may think, but sometimes that is not quite the case as during the months of December, January February & March, a torrid sun sweeps the land and the morning sun greets one with a horizon of heat ripples and days of relentless heat.

In contrast, Minsk, a wonderful capital within a great country is blessed with a milder and well balanced climate, where the heat builds gradually and is therefore accommodative to all . Surprisingly, there isn’t that many days of rain and I only experienced a handful of snowstorms during winter. There were some days where the temperatures reached -13c & -18c but given the incremental nature of the temperatures, the body can adapt to the coldness.

Spring is well defined and it marks a new beginning, the blooming of flowers, the trees dress in green again, the temperatures give rise to pleasant days and the sun comes out more often to greet the people within Minsk. The outdoor leisure activities change from winter to spring and a whole new life comes forth in this squeaky clean, amiable capital. Of particular note, Minsk is a very cultured city so therefore assortments of Theatres & Operas abound during all seasons. The parks are all meticulously maintained providing a feast for the eyes and a soothing of the soul.

Summer is now here & this is one of the strongest points of Minsk’s weather for the average Perthinite coming from “down under” to the “ceiling” of the world in Belarus. In Minsk, the sun treats the people very nicely as it is bright but mild with temperatures never exceeding 35c. This of course is somewhat of a blessing because it means that you can head out to many fluvial beaches or lakes of Belarus , your feet won’t bake on the sand and your skin will not cook “rare” out under the sun in the space of 30 mins such as the heat can do to people back in Perth. Also, the water here in Belarus is very refreshing & invigorating because whether you are under the shower or swimming in the lake , if the temperatures are around 30c + , utmost bliss will occur.

Australia’s weather is very diverse and in many swathes of land it can also be quite extreme, so if you have heat fatigue like me , heaven awaits you here in Minsk , a land of ideal mild climate encapsulating a population of great amiable character with a great amount of pride and culture !

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