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At the moment provides news in six different categories. Society section covers topics related to the daily life of both Belarusians and foreigners who have been living in this country. The Business section is devoted to economic activities. Here one can find reports and reviews about the economic situation in Belarus. The section about Culture tells about news and events in music, art, cinema and other cultural projects.

The Sport section is obviously about football, ice hockey, tennis and other activities which are especially popular in Belarus. Lifestyle is a more general section. There are a few directions such as fashion, culinary, vacations, different types of hobbies. And, finally, the Opinions section is giving an opportunity for everyone who has something interesting and useful to share his or her thoughts with our audience.

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Additionally, provided a simple Classifieds section for our readers. Functionality is limited to basic guest posting but still, our visitors are able to read the messages and publish own ones.

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