is the ultimate social online magazine for individuals who want to visit, live, work, retire and/or invest in Belarus. focuses heavily on investing, business, entertainment, immigration, legal services, living, medical tourism, real estate, retiring, traveling and employment opportunities in Belarus.


Why choose us?

If you are looking for advertising in English language media in the Republic of Belarus you are in the right place. offers you the opportunity to connect with a monthly audience of over 55 000 highly-engaged expats, tourists and English-spoken locals.

Whether it’s with sponsored content, custom ad units, display, lead acquisition or strategic partnerships, we cater to your advertising objectives with data-driven advertising solutions that reach, engage and convert your target audience.


Our credibility

  • High quality, original content
  • A social community, online and offline, made up of our and partner members
  • A community that is politically and socially aware

As an Advertising Partner, you will:

  • Showcase your brand to a global, interest-segmented customer market
  • Network with other corporate leaders worldwide
  • Access to multiple touch-points online, in-person and on social media
  • Make a visible commitment to the international community as well as your local audience

Sponsorship packages can be custom tailored to support your diversity efforts, and meet your marketing goals and budget for the coming year.


What we offer

Display Advertising

Banner campaigns on increase brand awareness and demand for advertiser’s products and services.’s stylish and user-friendly online environment, accessible across all desktop and mobile devices, generates high visibility and increased CTR.

Using different banner types, which are displayed on content-specific sections, relevant geographic locations and pre-defined time periods, the campaigns are delivered to the right audience based on a guaranteed number of impressions.

Using our long term experience in the expat market and a good understanding of your needs, the Team also offers marketing advice and banner design services.

Along with your banner we provide a link to your web resource which can help you to reach higher positions in search ranking.

Content Marketing offers a unique publishing platform that advertisers use to share information and promote their services and products.

Having your articles or advertorials published on gives your business legitimacy and creates positive awareness and lead generation. Your content is being distributed to thousands of expats via the platform, the weekly newsletters and the social media networks.

With the assistance and guidance of our experienced editorial and account management teams, advertisers publish SEO friendly content suitable for social media: features (advertorials), informative articles, events or competitions.

Starting rates for sponsored content are $150 for the article. Additional $50 to be placed in the Featured section for one week Sponsored Content will have a sponsored content label included on the preview thumbnail. If you would like to remove the label, there will be an additional $25 fee.

Business Listing promotes listings of recommended, expat-friendly businesses from various industries and service sectors.

The business listings are successful lead and traffic generation tools, for small and large businesses alike. The renewal ratio of these yearly advertisements is higher than 90%.

Give your company a boost by adding its name, website link, logo and short description in our Directory section.


Advertising requirements

There are few requirements which are to be followed. We do not run pop-up or pop-under advertising, and we do not accept advertisements with automatic sound or other content unsuitable for a display in a work environment.

All site ads must follow these creative specs:

  • Maximum file sizes are 40k for .jpg .gif .swf or rich media
  • Maximum animation time is 15 seconds (includes up to 3 loops)
  • Rich media units require user initiated expansion
  • Sound must be user initiated


If you are interested, please, contact us directly at and we will all the details.