Transit visa (B) can be issued for transit through the territory of the Republic of Belarus for the stated period, but not more than for 1 year, and is valid for 2 days from the date of entry of a foreign citizen into the Republic of Belarus.

This specific type of visa is for people who are travelling (or transiting) through Belarus to a third country, for example, going to Russia from Poland via Belarus overland by train, or flying from the UK into Minsk stopping a night and then continuing onto the Ukraine by air.

Transit visa is issued for single, double and multiple transit through the territory of the Republic of Belarus in case the foreigner has the visa of the country of his or her final destination. If a visa to enter a third country is not required, other grounds for issuance of a transit visa are taken into account, including railroad, motor or airline tickets or booking confirmation.

As it is given 48 hours from the date of entrance for transit trip on the territory of Republic of Belarus, during this time the foreigner, following transit trip, has to leave the country. The exception is made for cases of the compelled stop because of which more time could be necessary for transit.

The compelled stops are: elemental disasters, accidents and other emergency situations of natural and technogenic character detaining movement of the vehicle; need to repair the vehicle; the illness of the foreign citizen – in case according to the conclusion of medical institution of Republic of Belarus its further following and/or the person following with him/her, constitutes danger to their life and health; unforeseen delays in change point – at change from one type of transport on another; other unforeseen circumstances interfering further following.

Therefore, attentively prepare for a trip, be polite with the staff of diplomatic institutions and a border service – and then no problems will arise.