Belarus is a beautiful country located in Eastern Europe. It is an independent country which is proud of its rich historical past and a distinctive architecture According to the UNO, Belarus is ranked as a country with a high quality of life. Belarus is on the 52th place in the Index of Human Development among 187 other countries. The cost of education, living costs, dwelling costs are lower than in the majority of Western and Eastern European countries. This is why the real estate in the Republic of Belarus is considered a safe and promising investment.


Buying an apartment

At the moment, any foreign citizen or stateless person with identification documents can purchase a real estate and a piece of land in Minsk, Belarus. The purchase procedure itself is close to the transactions of Belarusian citizens. About what such foreigners need to know.

To conduct a transaction, you need a passport and a notarized translation of the passport data into the state language. Obtaining a residence permit is not required, but temporary registration is required in Belarus.

The law provides for the presence of an interpreter in a transaction if a foreign citizen does not know the language and is not able to independently read the contract of sale.


Steps before buying

Determining the budget for buying an apartment and finding a suitable option for finding an apartment.

Currently, there are several options for finding an apartment to buy in Belarus:

Searching for an apartment via the Internet: this option is now one of the most popular. There are several large websites in Belarus where sellers and buyers of real estate place their ads. Below are these sites.


Search for an apartment through a real estate agency: foreigners often resort to this option. Since foreign citizens often do not know the local market and do not know prices or locations, attracting a competent agent is the right decision.

The real estate agent is obliged to conclude a contract with you for real estate services, as well as to agree with you in advance on the cost of services. As a rule, the cost of services will be determined based on the percentage of the transaction.

First of all, decide on the location. Where do you want to live: in the city centre, close to it or in a so-called bedroom community? Check whether your Minsk apartment is close to the facilities you need, such as food stores, shops, public transport, and sports centres. Keep in mind that central apartments have all imaginary conveniences, but their day and night buzz can become a problem, for example, for normal sleep. Ask yourself: will the noise affect your lifestyle?

Make a list of important questions to check all the items you are interested in:

How old is the building? Are there elements you will have to repair or replace? Does the building have noise insulation? Be careful with old buildings, sometimes it takes a lot of time to renew electric wiring and bathroom equipment.

Visit the apartment several times in the daytime and in the evening to make sure that everything is ok with the traffic, parking and neighbours. Think twice before you decide to buy your Minsk flat, consult a professional or a reliable estate agent, research the market, check at least 10 apartments to be absolutely certain what you need. Good luck!


Buying a house with a plot of land in Minsk for foreign citizens

In the case of acquiring a house or a cottage in Minsk or outside the city, a foreign citizen becomes the owner of the building; land cannot be obtained in private ownership. The exception is land and houses with an inherited land.

Foreign citizens in Belarus and Minsk can only rent a plot. The maximum rental period is 99 years. That is, a foreign citizen has the right to own a residential building or other building on leased land.

Real estate sellers should consider that in order to sell their house or cottage with a private piece of land to a foreigner, it is necessary to go through the privatization procedure. That is, to transfer land to the state, which will lease it to a foreign citizen? It is important prior to the privatization of land to fix the agreement legally. So that by the time the procedure is completed, the buyer does not abandon his obligations.