When crossing the border of the Republic of Belarus, regardless of the way of crossing, it is necessary to pass border (passport) and customs control.

But first of all, before traveling abroad don’t forget to check the validity of your passport. If you have changed your last name, it is necessary to change your passport (it is valid within one month from the date of changing your last name). Check your passport for damage and stains.

Then, prepare your documents before passing through passport control. When on the border hand your passport to the border guard but make sure that the package does not contain any foreign currency as it can be considered as bribery. Don’t use your smart phone.

In case you go through passports control of Minsk Airport (MSQ) you need a global insurance policy or the one that covers specifically Belarus. Belarusian policy costs EUR 5 per week but, unfortunately, it is unavailable online.

You are required to pass the passport control if your flight arrives to the international sectors 1, 2, 3 or 4 of the Minsk National Airport. No passport control is required if your flight arrives from Russia, to sectors 5 or 6.

Please, keep your passport separately from money and other documents and don’t leave it in the suitcase, car or hotel room.