Migration card is a document that contains information about a foreigner entering and leaving the Republic of Belarus, and serves to control his or her temporary stay or temporary residence in the Republic of Belarus.

When crossing the State Border of the Republic of Belarus a foreign citizen must:

  • Produce a document for traveling abroad with a valid visa (if needed);
  • When entering, receive and fill in the migration card as required (backside of “A” part). It is issued together with the passport for traveling abroad to a border guard officer. The border guard officer marks the entry of a foreign citizen into Belarus on the migration card and the passport. The foreign citizen receives back the part “B” of the migration card.
  • When departing, you are obliged to hand over part “B” of the migration when passing the border control, if you are not temporarily or permanently residing in the Republic of Belarus.

Pay attention, that the migration card is not filled in when entering and leaving Belarus and is not produced by foreign citizens, who cross the State Border of Belarus for temporary stay in the country.

When departing from Belarus to Russia, foreign citizens receive a migration card from the competent authorities of the Republic of Belarus. The migration card is filled in before entering Russia and is produced to the competent authorities of the Russian Federation during their stay in Russia.

Make sure you have all the necessary documents when entering Belarus and keep your migration card until departing. If the migration card is lost or damaged, the foreigner must within 3 days report the loss or damage to the territorial internal affairs authority where they will be issued a free copy of the migration card. So, be careful with the documents.