Aside from being a former affiliate of the Soviet Union, Belarus is also known as White Russia. It is a landlocked country in Eastern Europe of distinct ethnicity but diverse people. Belarus has Russia in the northeast, Ukraine to its southern border, Poland to the west, and Lithuania and Latvia in the northwest. Imagine the rich culture and the diversity of people you’re going to encounter while you’re dating Belarusian singles.

Locals, especially the younger ones residing in the big cities of Belarus, can speak fluent English well enough to break language barriers.


Dating with Belarusian girls

The first logical move when dating a woman from another country is by learning their traditions and customs. Doing this will give her the impression that you are interested in her because you invested time learning things about her. As a foreign man, you need to determine what Belarus singles require of their partners. You will be oriented more about Belarus after mastering the basics. Learning new things like their traditions, culture, and language is one of the greatest pleasures of dating a woman from another country.

Belarusian girls are incredibly charming. You can’t resist their trademark blue eyes once you set yours on theirs. Perfectly complementing their stunning beauty is their mild-mannered and graceful nature. These qualities make up for a lethal combination for singles. Belarusians hold top managerial posts in giant companies and public offices. This responsibility puts them in a position where they can’t be taken for granted. They are also highly curious, with the majority interested in history, various forms of art, and cultures around the world.

If you’re lucky enough to be dating a Belarusian man or woman, you can expect that they will take care of you and make you feel loved. They are almost capable of anything.

Superstitions are a big part of the lives of the Belarusian people. You are not going to find a young and single Belarusian sitting on the corner of a table. Because doing so will give them the bad luck of not being able to marry for the next seven years. Girls wouldn’t even try a wedding dress on because only the brides-to-be’s are the ones allowed to do that. Also, always avoid giving your Belarusian date a bouquet with an even number of flowers. If you bought a bouquet of a dozen roses, better giving the extra rose to their Babushka or return one to the vendor.

Getting the approval of your Belarusian partner’s Babushka is a critical thing to do and remember if you plan on being in a relationship with them for a long time. A Babushka is a special kind of woman in Belarus that most certainly needs to be treated special.


Marriage in Belarus

The first step to marry is going to “ZAGS” – the administrative office dedicated to weddings. There you can ask all the information on the necessary documents, bureaucratic procedures and so on.

If you are foreigners who want to marry in Belarus, be prepared to be looked upon with suspicion by the operators that will probably think that yours is a marriage of interest.

Then you must go to your embassy and request a document that certifies the non-existence of a second, third or fourth secret wives (or husbands) hidden somewhere in another part of the world.

Next, the document must be validated by apostille at the Belarusian Ministry of Internal Affairs in Karl Marx Street. Theoretically, you can leave the papers in the morning and collect them in the afternoon.

At the Embassy you can also ask for the contact of one of their accredited translators, who will have to translate the needed documents and into the Russian language.

Once this is done, you will go to the notary of your district, who will certify the translations. Then, collect all these translations, add a photocopy of your registration document made at the Belarusian Immigration Office and return to ZAGS.

This time you will need the presence of a person with a certificate or degree in languages (to be shown at the meeting together with the passport) who will be subsequently present during the ceremony to translate the speech. Deliver the documents, set the date, and wait for the ceremony.