Who needs an exit visa in Belarus?

An exit visa is obligatory for everyone, who lives in Belarus on the grounds of temporary residence permit (TRP) or permanent residence permit (PRP) and they don’t have resident status (RS). In this case, you can enter Belarus or leave it, using your passport, only if you have an exit or an entering-exit visa.

If you already have a Belarusian visa of type C or D, or Belarus has made a visa-free regime agreement with your country of citizenship, then you do not need to make an exit visa.

You will need an exit-entry visa if you not only want to leave Belarus but to return back. In the Department of Citizenship and Migration (DCaM) you can issue a single and double-entry visa for three months or a multiple-entry visa for 1 year, but not longer than the validity of your TRP or RRP. You can leave Belarus for the period specified in the visa, but not longer than 90 days.

If you get an education in Belarus and have a TRP, you should also apply for an exit-entry visa. To do this, your University or Institute, where you study, must submit a special application to the DCaM.

You have to make such kind of visa if deportation or expulsion is applied against you, or it is necessary because of Belarusian law or an international agreement. For example, you were in transit through Belarus, and you had to make a forced stop in Belarus, during which time your Belarusian transit visa expired. In this case, you


How to make an exit visa?

To obtain an exit or entry-exit visa go to DCaM at the place of your registration. Take your passport and a receipt for payment of state duty. If you are a student and study in Belarus, take a motivated petition from your educational institution. In DCaM you will also be asked to write an application for a visa in a special form.

The cost of visas depends on the type of visa (single, double, or multiple), as well as its urgency. Visa to leave Belarus will cost 2 base rates and will be issued up to 10 days. January 2019 base rate is 25.5 roubles ≈ 10 Euro. If you want to get faster — you can pay one more base rate and wait only five days. You can get a visa just one day after the application, pay five base rates.

The same terms are set for an exit-entry visa, but it will cost a little more. Single and double-entry visas will cost three base rates. Multiple entry visa will cost 6 base rates. If you want to get a visa not for 10, but for 5 days, then add one more basic value to the specified amounts, if for 1 day, then three base rates.

You can leave without a visa, but at the border, you will be brought to administrative responsibility. You may be warned or have to pay a fine. The fine may be as high as 50 base rates (≈ 500 euros).

If you left Belarus without an exit-entry visa, you will be able to obtain an entry visa to Belarus in the Belarusian consulates abroad without any additional approvals.


Remember, you may be refused to leave Belarus if:

  • you are a suspect or accused in a criminal case;
  • you have property or tax debts, as a court order or Executive document;
  • are you the debtor in the bankruptcy case or the person concerned in the case of a bankrupt company;
  • you have been convicted of a crime in Belarus or brought to administrative responsibility;
  • you are being sued in court;
  • your departure from Belarus is contrary to the interests of the national security of Belarus or is restricted on the basis of international treaties of Belarus.