This Expat Guide is a set of useful tips and general information for the guests of Belarus and potential visitors. Here you can find all the necessary information about the country by section including Sightseeing in Belarus, Guide for Foreigners, Entertainment in Belarus, Business in Belarus and Organizations in Belarus.

This page will help you get acquainted with the types of accommodation available for the visitors in the capital and other Belarusian cities. The guests have their choice of hotels, hostels, camping and motels and as well as apartments for short-term rent. The Expat Guide includes chapters on the airports of Belarus, the airlines offering flights to and from the country, the customs regulations and contains an in-depth coverage of public transport in Belarus, more precisely, bus lines, railways, taxis and cars for rent.


Travelling to Belarus


Settling down in Belarus


Dating and marriage in Belarus


Doing business in Belarus


Accommodation in Belarus


General information


History of Belarus


Economy of Belarus

  • Monetary system of Belarus
  • GDP of Belarus
  • Cost of Living in Belarus
  • Average Salary in Belarus
  • What Belarus exports
  • Real Estate Market in Belarus


People of Belarus

  • Population of Belarus
  • Women of Belarus
  • Men of Belarus
  • Famous People of Belarus
  • Famous Models from Belarus


Politics in Belarus

  • President of Belarus
  • Political situation in Belarus
  • Sanctions against Belarus
  • Elections in Belarus
  • Situation with human rights in Belarus
  • Nuclear Weapon in Belarus
  • Political Parties in Belarus


Sport in Belarus


Interesting Facts about Belarus