Long-term visa (type D) is valid for up to one year, with the right to stay up to 90 days within a year. This visa can be granted for the following purposes: business, participation in sport or cultural events, private purposes, employment, religious reasons, implementation of humanitarian programs, visiting the burial places and journalistic activity.

Further you can see information on obtaining a long-term visa for maintaining business contacts, participating in sports or cultural events.

You will need the following documents:

  • An original application of a legal entity, issued on the letter-head with the full name of the entity, its location and telephone number, and the commitment of the legal entity that the foreign citizen shall comply with the rules of stay in the Republic of Belarus, sealed by the legal entity;
  • Copies of the contract (cooperation agreement) between the Belarusian legal entity and a foreign citizen or foreign organization in which he works, confirming the existence of stable business relationship, or any documents of the Belarusian legal entity (including the articles of incorporation) confirming that the foreigner is an incorporator of Belarusian commercial organization or is an employee of foreign company which established commercial company in Belarus, sealed by the Belarusian legal entity or the organization in a contractual relationship with the Belarusian legal entity, or a copy verified by the consular officer against the original document;
  • If necessary, where decided by the consular officer — other documents confirming information contained in the application and the existence of business contacts must be submitted.

A long-term visa for the purpose of business contacts maintenance can be issued on the basis of an application of a representative office of a foreign company or bank in the Republic of Belarus for an entry visa:

  • to managers and employees of the representative office of a foreign company or bank in the Republic of Belarus;
  • to founders, managers and employees of a foreign enterprise (organization), which has established this office — in order to supervise the representative office or any activities directly related to the work of the representative office.