The document giving the right to stay legally in the republic with the opportunity to work is a residence permit in Belarus.

Belarus is a home for more than 140 nations. Ethnic Belarusians make up more than 80% of the population. But because of the history of Belarus, many other nationalities have also settled in the country, many of whom have been established for several generations. So, if you belong to any ethnic group you can easily get a residence permit in the Republic of Belarus.

The Belarusian government does everything possible to create comfortable conditions for the development of all ethnic groups of the Republic of Belarus as a single nation. Much time and effort is dedicated to the spiritual and cultural development of the Belarusian diaspora abroad.

Nationalities, living in Belarus:

  • Belarusians – 83,4%
  • Russians – 8,2%
  • Poles – 3,1%;
  • Ukrainians – 1,7%
  • Jews – 0,13%
  • other nationalities – 3,5% of the total population of the country.

Citizens can obtain a residence permit in the Republic of Belarus:

  • Having a kinship, including registered marriage and adoption, with a resident of the country;
  • Born or permanently resident in the republic until 12.11.91,
  • Owned property located in the territory of the Republic of Belarus.


What to do in your home country

At home, you need to issue an international passport. This document is the main one to which the residence permit will be issued.

Then, in the police department at the place of registration, take a certificate of lack of a criminal record and that you are not under investigation. This can also be done by the Russians in the capital at the SIAC of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, or in any similar institution located in the regions of the country.

Such a certificate will be made for about a month, so you should order it in advance. To receive it, you will need a civil document.

Before you leave your country, you will need to undergo a discharge procedure. Before that, men still need to go to the military commissariat and put a mark on the fact that they have been removed from military records. Only after that you can go to the passport office and receive a sheet of departure, which is required in Belarus.