People, who possess exceptional skills and talents or have rendered outstanding services to the Republic of Belarus or have high achievements in scientific, technical, cultural or sports spheres, have the right to obtain a residence permit as well.

According to some articles, highly-qualified foreign specialists will need to live in Belarus about three years before they will have a right to obtain a residence permit


Who isĀ  a high-skilled worker

A foreigner may be considered as a highly-skilled employee if such a foreigner:

  • has a vast professional background, competence, and skills, which are confirmed by academic degrees as well as at least five years of proven professional experience;
  • receives a monthly salary agreed in the respective employment contract in an amount which fifteen times exceeds the minimum monthly wage set forth in Belarus (currently approx. 2,050 euros).


There are some documents required to apply for a work permit:

1. an application for issuance of work permit with a solid justification of necessity to employ a foreigner;
2. a copy of the foreigner’s passport or other equivalent identification document translated into Russian;
3. confirmation of payment of the state duty (payment order endorsed by a bank.

Nowadays, the goals include attracting highly-skilled migrants from all over the globe. The latest legislation adjustments, economic reforms, and promising investment opportunities improve Belarus’ image for younger, highly skilled labour migrants.