A temporary residence permit in Belarus is a document that gives a foreign citizen the right to live in the Republic of Belarus for an unlimited number of days for a certain period (up to 1 year). Thus, receiving this document, you can live in Belarus both 1 day a year and 365 days a year.

If you want to stay in Belarus for a long period of time, thus planning to stay here for more than 90 days (three months) in a calendar year, but you do not have any grounds for obtaining a residence permit, then you can apply for a temporary residence permit in Belarus (hereinafter – TRP).


Documents needed to obtain a temporary residence permit in Belarus

The documents package includes:

  • Application for the issuance of TRP;
  • Passport with its notarized translation (if applicable);
  • Registration at the place of residence (we have earlier wrote about how to obtain it);
  • Documents confirming one of the grounds for obtaining a TRP. For example, an employment contract or certificate from work, a certificate from an educational institution or documents confirming possession of real estate;
  • In some cases, you need a lease contract in case you rent an apartment;
  • Confirmation of the payment of state duty. As of March 2018, the amount of state duty is equal to three basic values. One basic value is 24.5 rubles (~10 EUR). For adolescents under 14 years, foreign investors and those who apply for asylum, this procedure is free;
  • Insurance policy. It is necessary for everyone, except for the citizens of CIS countries (Armenia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Republic of Moldova, Republic of Tajikistan, Republic of Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Turkmenistan), as well as those who apply for asylum or international protection;

If you are a family member of a foreign citizen who also obtains a TRP, you need to provide a letter confirming the legal source of income. For example, an extract from a bank account, an employment contract.

Making a permit takes 15 days. However, if you receive a TRP in connection with the marriage, then the procedure might take up to 30 days. They say, in some cases, it can be issued even in the same day. The permit is a small insert into your passport, with which you usually go abroad. Usually, the permit is issued for no more than a year. If you still have grounds, you can extend it for another year. If you live in Belarus for more than 7 years, while renewing the TRP in time, you can apply for a residence permit.


What possibilities does a temporary residence permit in Belarus provide?

  • legal stay on the territory of the Republic of Belarus any number of days in a year;
  • the ability to buy a car and register it in your name;
  • the possibility of obtaining an entry-entry visa;
  • the ability in some cases to apply for visas of other states to embassies located in the Republic of Belarus;
  • the opportunity to issue an invitation and invite relatives to visit Belarus.


To whom and for what period of time it may be granted

Foreigners intending to undertake or continue work within the territory of the Republic of Poland, if the circumstances justify the foreigners stay within the territory of the Republic of Poland for the period longer than 3 months.

Also to foreigners intending to undertake or continue work as a board member in a joint-stock company or limited liability company, which shares or stocks are not owned by the foreigner, and the entity which that person manages or will be managing meets the relevant requirements.

The temporary residence permit shall be granted for the period necessary for the implementation of the purpose of the foreigner’s stay within the territory of Poland, exceeding 3 months up to 3 years, with the possibility to apply for the subsequent permits.


Residence status after submitting the application

If the application for granting temporary residence permit was made during a legal stay of the foreigner and the application was free of any formal defects or the formal defects have been corrected within the deadline, voivode shall include the travel document of the foreigner with a stamp imprint, confirming making the application. The foreigner’s stay is deemed legal from the day of submitting the application until the day when the decision in the case of granting temporary residence permit would become final.

Including an imprint of a stamp in the foreigner’s travel document does not entitle the foreigner to travel within the territory of other Schengen States, but the foreigner may leave for the country of origin, however, in order to return to Poland, it is necessary to obtain a visa if that person originates from a country subject to the visa obligation.