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A restobar with prices like in a store opened in Minsk.


The end of December turned out to be rich in openings: seven new establishments opened in Minsk. We tell you about the interiors, menus and prices - choose where to go first.

A gastroproject about French dumplings called "Beignets".

It seems that we have never seen such an atmospheric video to advertise a dumpling shop before! And it was shot in the new gastroproject "Beignet", where you are invited to run in for French dumplings with different fillings, tea and coffee.

Facility's interior looks rather vintage: worn walls, old furniture and decor items, crystal chandeliers - and all this mixed with inserts of modern tiles on the walls. Dumplings are cooked right in front of the guests in the open kitchen. And the main feature of the institution is that the owner of the institution works in this kitchen, and the role of the administrator is played by his wife.

Dumplings in the cafe are cooked according to the French recipe, so they have a square shape. There are only five kinds in the menu: classic New Orleans-style beignet (3 pieces/6 rubles), cocoa beignet with milk chocolate (3 pieces/7 rubles), with whipped cream and peach (3 pieces/7 rubles), with burnt gorgonzola and pear (1 piece/9 rubles), with caviar, sour cream and seaweed (1 piece/9 rubles). Coffee - from 5 rubles for espresso to 8 rubles for vanilla raff. Different kinds of tea - 6 rubles.

Working hours: from Monday to Friday - from 10:00 to 21:00, on Saturdays and Sundays - from 11:00 to 22:00. Address: 15 Sverdlova St.

Restaurant  "Malevich"

On the cozy Karl Marx Street, there is one more interesting establishment: a restaurant of author's cuisine "Malevich" has opened here. Inside there are high ceilings, white tablecloths and brick walls. References to the "Black Square" can be traced in details - for example, in the form of napkin holders or closet numbers.

Serving dishes is a real work of art. The prices are as follows: author's "Black Square" (in the form of a square of black color due to cuttlefish ink) with different fillings - from 39 to 49 rubles, hot appetizers - from 18 to 55 rubles, soups - from 16 to 90 rubles, meat - from 39 to 79 rubles, steaks - from 18 to 45 rubles (price per 100 g of raw product), fish - from 29 to 85 rubles, seafood - from 9 to 31 rubles (price per 100 g).

Address: 24, Karla Marksa St. They are still working in technical mode, so please book a table by phone: +375 29 675 56 66.

SAVA bar on the site of Doodah King

The atmospheric bar SAVA opened in place of Doodah King - with music and hookahs, dancing and cocktails, Asian cuisine and vintage.

Subdued light, good furniture, a large bar counter and several lounges for seating - the interior of the place, to put it bluntly, looks quite expensive. And the concept is that you can come here not only for a cocktail or a noisy party, but also for a full-fledged dinner: the facility offers Asian cuisine.

The menu includes: appetizers and bread - from 7 to 55 rubles, tempura - from 12 to 19 rubles, soups - from 25 to 29 rubles, fish and meat - from 27 to 45 rubles, vegetables and seafood - from 21 to 35 rubles, sweets - 15 rubles each. Cocktails - from 21 rubles each, coffee - from 6 to 9 rubles, tea - from 9 to 18 rubles. Hookahs - from 50 to 80 rubles.

Working hours: from Sunday to Thursday - from 17:00 to 02:00, on Friday and Saturday - from 17:00 to 04:00. Address: 14, Berson St.

Feel's Cafe in Rakovskiy suburb

Rakovskoe suburb continues to be filled with new establishments. A couple of weeks ago, Feel's café opened there (and is still working in test mode), where you can come for brunch, coffee or cocktails.

The interior is made in light colors and looks quite stylish. There are interesting elements: for example, designer chairs, beautiful lamps with "tassels" or olive tree (though not a real one).

From the food, they offer brunch. Prices are as follows: cheesecakes with blueberry sauce and nuts or waffles with vanilla cream made of condensed milk - 15 rubles each, omelette with guacamole and shrimps - 20 rubles, tartare on brioche with truffle aioli and shrimps - 19 rubles, pancakes with different fillings - from 15 to 18 rubles, oatmeal with berries or buckwheat with truffle - 13 rubles each. There is also soup of the day for 8 rubles and olivier with a glass of Prosecco for 24 rubles. From drinks - orange juice for 10 rubles, different kinds of coffee (from 6 rubles for espresso to 9 rubles for espresso tonic), hot Belgian chocolate for 9 rubles, tea - from 8 to 12 rubles, mulled wine and wine by the glass - 13 rubles each. Cocktails - from 18 to 25 rubles.

They work daily from 08:00 to 23:00. Address: 15, Yurovo-Zavalnaya Street. To find the institution, enter the territory of the complex from the side of the bakery "Len" and pass behind "Pirogov's Bakery".

Two-story coffee house "Grand Cofix"

Just before New Year's Eve, a new Grand Cofix suddenly opened next door to Lakomka. It took the place of the store "Flowers", which had been here for what seemed like an eternity. But history repeats itself: more than a hundred years ago there was also a coffee house here - we told about it here.

If we consider the institution out of the context of history, its interior reminds of a fast food or McDonald's style rather than a cozy coffee house in the city center. The entrance to the toilet, by the way, is by the code on the check.

Nevertheless, you can come here not only for coffee. In the menu: three kinds of breakfasts (oatmeal, cheesecakes and English) - from 8 to 15 rubles, snacks - 5-7 rubles, sandwiches - from 6 to 9 rubles, lunches - 7-8 rubles. Prices for drinks are also quite low - from 2.5 rubles for espresso to 7.5 rubles for latte "caramel popcorn".

They work daily from 08:00 to 23:00. Address: 19, Independence Ave.

Restobar "Greens" with budget prices

The restobar "Zeleny" opened on Sverdlova Street, 2. The concept and format of the establishment is similar to the "Wine Library" that used to work on Bogdanovicha Street, where you could get a bottle of wine at almost store price. For modern Minsk, the prices here are also quite pleasant: wine - from 19 rubles per bottle, beer - from 3.5 rubles per glass.

The interior design fully corresponds to the name of the facility: there are green walls, green furniture, green decor and green plants. There are, of course, other colors, but green prevails, so once inside, you will definitely understand that you have entered the right door.

The menu offers starters - from 5 to 17 rubles, salads - from 12 to 17 rubles, main courses - from 13 to 25 rubles, soups - from 7 to 9 rubles, pizza - from 13 to 19 rubles, desserts - from 7 to 9 rubles. There are also sets for company - from 39 to 49 rubles. The bar's menu is quite extensive: from tea and coffee (from 3 to 7 rubles) to cocktails (13 rubles each) and alcohol.

Working hours are as follows: from Sunday to Thursday - from 12:00 to 00:00, on Fridays and Saturdays - from 12:00 to 02:00.

The Blur cafe

Cafe Blur has a long history: the establishment opened in September 2021 and quickly became one of the favorites of Minsk citizens. At the end of March 2023, the team announced its closure: "We take the baton from our colleagues and announce that the history of the Blur project is coming to an end. Perhaps we will exhale, gather our strength, and we will be able to give it a second life, but it will never be the same again".

And after almost 9 months the cafe was reopened at a new address: 104, Independence Avenue. Bright interior, interestingly shaped lamps, minimalist design and blue shades - the coffee house is definitely created for your beautiful photos in Instagram.

The menu includes breakfasts served from 9:00 to 20:30. You can order, for example, oatmeal on almond milk with cherries and cinnamon for 10 rubles, cheesecakes with sour cream and lingonberries for 14 rubles, green buckwheat with shiitake and parmesan for 14 rubles, avocado toast with shrimps for 23 rubles, scramble with shrimps or eel for 17 rubles, croquemadam for 18 rubles and other. There are also desserts: carrot cake for 12 rubles, French toast for 14 rubles or cookies for 5 rubles.

Coffee - from 6 to 9 rubles, seasonal warming drinks - from 8 to 12 rubles, cocoa (including banana) - from 7 to 9 rubles, masala tea, matcha latte - 7 rubles each.

Open daily from 09:00 to 22:00, kitchen - until 20:30.

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