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  • Belarus and Azerbaijan

    The Minister of Transport and Communications of Belarus, Alexei Avramenko, met with the Minister of Transport, Communications, and Technology of Azerbaijan, Rashad Nabiyev, in Baku. They discussed the expansion of transport cooperation between the two countries. This was reported by the press service of the Ministry of Transport.

  • Belarus Victory Day 2020 Parade

    Rachel Allen from investigates why authoritarian Belarus is coping with COVID-19 without lockdown and other measures which cause unrest and resistance in democractic Europe and USA. Numbers and citataions from actors may clarify the whole picture.

  • Obtaining Belarusian passport

    Belarusian parliament amended the Law “On Citizenship of the Republic of Belarus”. The document has already been published on the National Legal Portal. It will enter into force on June 18, 2021. According to it, the terms for acquiring Belarusian citizenship are reduced, but cases of its loss for extremism are prescribed.



  • Apple orchards in Belarus

    In early May, several apple orchards located in the Pastavy District were sold to a lone applicant for 4,000 Rubles (around 2,500 Euros). The new owner of the apple orchards, which were previously owned by the government, was not a local, but an unknown French businessman.

  • Belarus trade balance - 2020

    Following the results of the first quarter 2020 in mutual trade in the goods America has ousted Kazakhstan and has left Turkey behind. Besides, USA became the only country with positive dynamics of commodity turnover. One more important news: for the first time in history China, not Russia, became the main source of the Belarusian negative balance.

  • USA plans to sell oil to Belarus

    Information about the intention of the Belarusian Oil Company (BOC, special exporter of Belarusian oil products) to purchase American oil has caused a storm of emotions in the media environment. However, there is no sensation in this news.




  • Is climate in Belarus good or bad?

    Do you really think that weather in Minsk is awful as some local moans all the time. Not exactly so. An expat from Australia, who has been living in Minsk for almost three years is sharing his thought about climate in Belarus.

  • Craig, an expat who is residing in Minsk, loves exploring new destinations and activities while undertaking multiple excursions locally and internationally. He shares his impressions and experiences of Belarus, with specific reference to Grodno that he frequents often.

  • Minsk school for expats children

    Craig, a married Dutch expat with two teenage sons, is sharing his experience of finding a good English school for his children in Minks. Not that simple as it turned out to be but he finally managed to find the school this family is happy with.